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Z for Zachariah: One of the Years Best Films!

I’m not a professional movie reviewer and I don’t play one on the interwebs but I just watched Z for Zachariah and loved it, this is easily one of the years best films and deserves to be in your top 5. This is the second movie this year (2015) where a film revolving around 3 characters sucked me in and didn’t let me down, the first being Ex Machina, my favorite movie of 2015 so far… Z for Zachariah is right up there, check out the trailer:


Chiwetel Ejiofor and Margot Robbie are masterful in this film with Chris Pine turning in a small but very believable performance, maybe Pines best dramatic role to date. The exploration of original sin and hearkening back to the garden of Eden are ever-present motifs that director Craig Zobel doesn’t obviously hit you over the head but you know are there. It’s a must see in my opinion especially if you, like me, really enjoy intimate slower storytelling from time to time!

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